Align Life’s signature workshops focus on workplace coaching and women’s workshops.

Women’s Workshops

With a deep understanding of the issues that plague women in today’s world, we specialise in workshops specifically catered to the female psyche. Some of the themes and topics of workshops we run for women include:

Building Better Relationships
The art of creating powerful and supportive relationships

Understanding Yourself
Learning how to fulfil your own needs, values and live your best life

Setting Boundaries
Commanding respect from people around you and feeling more empowered

The Comparison Trap
Learning self-acceptance and letting go of societal expectations to find more fulfilment

Women’s Wellbeing
How to adequately care for yourself in a world that feels over demanding, under supportive and constant

Learn more about our signature women’s workshop here and our key facilitator, Dwana Walsh, here


Workplace Coaching

Align Life provides the wellness industry’s premier workplace workshops by merging personal development with evidence-based research, topped with facilitators that are leaders in their respective fields. We host key note lectures, workshops and immersion retreats to create the growth and development that is required for success and progress to permeate every facet of your organisation’s fabric.  

Our variety of workshops are geared towards enhancing the wellbeing of your people, including workshops on mindset, stress management, mindfulness, effective communication, wellness strategies, personal development and much more. 

To see more on our signature workplace workshops, see here.