" In ten sessions you will feel the difference,
in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty
you will have a whole new body. "

- Joseph Pilates

What is it?

Initially developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates, Pilates was designed as a physical fitness system to rehabilitate soldiers in World War One. A precise exercise regime which ultimately corrects postural alignment and rectifies imbalances in the body, Pilates consists of controlled movements designed to lengthen and tone the muscles (as opposed to typical global workouts that produce shortening and bulking of the muscles). With a focus on developing and building core strength, Pilates is a type of exercise that not only serves to rehabilitate the body by improving posture, flexibility and elongation of the spine, but it also enhances body awareness and coordination.

The benefits

The benefits of Pilates are multiple, but here we list just a broad few to get you excited about your Pilates workout. Pilates exercises create longer, leaner and stronger overall muscle tone, without the bulk. Not only is it slimming, but it also greatly improves flexibility, as well as enhanced mobility in the joints. With an emphasis on alignment and postural correction, a regular Pilates practice will ensure that you stand taller, sit straighter and understand how to move in any exercise safely and with better balance and coordination. At the end of any Pilates class, you will leave with increased energy levels and a body that is ready for any type of activity, having switched on and worked with many of the smaller muscle groups that are often quite weak in most of us. Lastly, Pilates improves bone density, pelvic floor function and lung capacity.

Mat Pilates Tailored to You

At Align, we bring mat-based Pilates to you, delivering all the core Pilates principles and delivering a Pilates workout that is catered to your body. Many Pilates studios are equipped with complex machines and equipment, which can sometimes be daunting and translate into pricey memberships or high drop-in rates. At Align, we can deliver an effective workout with simply your mat, or with the addition of simple hand weights and Pilates balls, giving you variety, simplicity and the ability to develop your own home based practice. There is no requirement for fancy apparatus for your Pilates workout to be strong, effective and to deliver results. Mat-based Pilates is low-impact, yet is a practice which can be delivered with powerful exercises and as a serious strength workout.

If you would like to book our Pilates classes, check out our group, one-to-one or corporate wellness packages or call Dwana on 0411 364 406 for more information.