Our signature ‘Mindset Matters’ workshop series can be catered to your organisation’s particular needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Delivered as a one-off workshop, a series or a weekend retreat immersion, the typical subject matter is:

WORKSHOP 1 – Mindset Matters: The Powerful Placebo Effect

  • Understanding the “placebo effect” with the latest research delivered by Australia’s leading experts in the field.

  • The power of mind over matter - how the placebo effect works and affects our mindsets.

  • The role of beliefs, expectancies and subjective experiences in the placebo response.

  • How to begin to harness your internal placebo response by creating a mindset that is more beneficial.

  • Effective tools to begin to shift your mindset to align you with your greatest potential.

WORKSHOP 2 – Mindset Matters: Your Greatest Potential via Emotional Intelligence

  • The characteristics of emotional intelligence and why it’s crucial for all levels of success in all facets of life

  • Emotional intelligence for both business performance and negotiating life

  • Examining and evaluating personal levels of emotional intelligence

  • Evidence based solutions for improving emotional intelligence in leadership 

  • How to become more self-aware – the first critical step for improving emotional intelligence

  • Tools and exercises to improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence

WORKSHOP 3 – Mindset Matters: Improving Your Thinking Patterns to Achieve Your Goals

  • The science of the thinking mind – how your thoughts via neurotransmitters affect your brain chemistry and your body’s responses.

  • Neuroscience on thoughts – how our thinking patterns can wire our brain for success or failure.

  • Understanding the stress response in the body – how our thoughts turn on the stress response and the subsequent physiological effects

  • Becoming more aware of your thoughts and identifying unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Learning strategies and tools for effective thinking and to better manage your mindset

WORKSHOP 4 – Mindset Matters: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back

  • What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect our human potential and general happiness?

  • The science of “beliefs” – looking at the latest, cutting edge research on belief formation to understand the complexity of our mindsets

  • Identifying limiting beliefs – developing the ability to spot belief systems that unconsciously run your life and guide your decision making

  • Learning how to let go of the belief systems that don’t serve you and create a more powerful framework to guide you through life and work

  • Common belief systems that are prevalent in our society and how they affect us in our daily lives

WORKSHOP 5 – Mindset Matters: Intelligent and Effective Communication Skills

  • Mastering emotional intelligence through self-regulation - the second critical component of emotional intelligence

  • Managing emotional triggers and losing the “victimhood” mindset

  • Understanding and mastering your emotions to become a more effective communicator and better decision maker

  • Exercises to help you master your emotions and improve this second critical component of emotional intelligence

WORKSHOP 6 – Mindset Matters: Building a Mindset of Success

  • Identifying and understanding your “driving forces” - what are they?

  • Why traditional goal setting is futile and fails ultimately to deliver what you truly want and need

  • Understanding what to focus on to design a life that is truly fulfilling and purposeful

  • Designing a life that feels good – engage in goal setting by attaching your values and driving forces