Invest in yourself

Research from internationally renowned psychologist, Daniel Goleman, clearly demonstrates that emotional intelligence is essential for success in ALL areas of a person’s life. His research even shows that emotional intelligence is the most important determinant for success in leadership for those with an IQ of 120 or above. 

At Align, we run a series of group workshops which at their core demonstrably improve the participants’ emotional intelligence while enriching their entire being. Whilst we deliver a variety of workshops for different group settings, our signature group workshops focus on supporting women to be unstoppable.

In particular, we work with women to help them build the levels of self-awareness required for them find their feet and powerfully transition through any life phase. This includes guiding women to deal with overwhelm and time constraints, create more satisfying relationships, overcome negative habits, conquer loneliness by teaching self-acceptance, gain a better sense of wellbeing and learn how to generate self-compassion.

By helping women understand how the world has shaped them, our workshops provide crucial life skills that are fundamental to fostering emotional intelligence and helping women create a life they love.

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