Why Invest in an Employee Wellness Program?

Health, energy and productivity are undeniably vital ingredients to an organisation's success. The percentage of companies with wellness programs continues to rise as organisations begin to identify the link between healthy and happy employees to a healthy workplace. A study conducted by Medibank Private in 2005 found that healthy employees not only have fewer short-term absences than unhealthy employees, but that they are also far more productive at work. It was also discovered that there was a vast difference between the number of effective working hours of healthy and unhealthy employees, with healthy employees averaging 143 effective working hours per month and unhealthy employees a mere 49 hours per month.

In 2014, a national NFP, Beyond Blue, partnered with TNS Social Research to provide a chilling report on the state of mental health in the Australian workplace. Amongst many of their findings was an alarming statistic which stated that 1 in 5 Australians had, in the past 12 months, taken time off work as a result of experiencing stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace. The report reiterated the notion that a mentally healthy workplace is a leadership issue and that change must start at the top. It also recommended the implementation of programs and trainings to help employees better manage their stress and mental health issues. The full report can be found here.

There is a wealth of evidence proving that well managed workplace health and wellness programs not only serve to attract quality and healthy employees to an organisation, but that they also significantly increase the percentage of engaged employees in a workplace. In essence, successful health and wellness programs provide a high return on investment.

Align has created an innovative approach to the work life providing accessibility to health and wellness for corporate employees with a variety of workplace wellness programs and, for a deeper immersion into health and wellness training, off-site retreats.



Yoga & Wellness at Your Workplace

Since not everyone is ready to commit to a yoga studio membership or delve into a pricey meditation course, Align provides effective, accessible and exciting in-office solutions. Our bespoke corporate yoga and wellness programs are tailored to your particular organisation, providing participants with the tools to better manage their stress and anxiety levels, as well as experience enhanced mental clarity and increased energy levels.

With a focus on yoga and meditation as a means of providing your staff with the tools to better manage their stress and relieve their aching bodies, Align provides an assortment of wellness classes for workplaces. We recognise that there is no one particular program or class that suits all and we aim to cater for all different types of bodies, interests and desired outcomes. In addition to yoga and meditation classes, we offer Pilates, barre style mat classes, fusion cardio and Pilates based workouts and various relaxation & mindfulness techniques.

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Yoga & WEllness RETREATS

Whether for a day, long weekend or a week, Align’s yoga and wellness retreats are tailored to suit the needs of the particular attendees. Each retreat may incorporate various styles of yoga or wellness classes (including Pilates, barre and fusion cardio workouts) to cater for varying levels of experience and desired outcomes, in addition to an assortment of meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. With a focus on clean eating during the retreat, participants will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, cleansed and empowered to lead healthier and more conscious lifestyles. 

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