Exercise DOES combat the negative effects of sitting

If you haven’t kept up with this century’s lifestyle alerts on sedentary behaviour, scientists have now resolutely proven that sitting for long periods daily increases a person’s risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems and early death. In fact, when researchers first listed inactivity as a major risk factor for disease and illness, the harmful effects of sitting were found to be analogous to those of smoking.

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The Legal Depression: Your Mood Determines Your Lifespan

Countless studies demonstrate that the Australian workplace is in the middle of a depression epidemic. Beyond Blue’s study in 2014 revealed a disturbing statistic that 1 in 5 Australians had, in the past 12 months, taken time off work as a result of experiencing stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace. An even more extraordinary number of Australian workers (46%) considered their workplace to be mentally unhealthy.

While the typical Australian worker is becoming increasingly unhappy, lawyers continue to trump this category and rate as the most depressed profession in the country. 

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How to Implement a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

With the modern work-place increasingly characterised by high demands, long hours and information overload, it is not surprising that we are desperately seeking ways to revive its burnt-out, bleery eyed and over-caffeinated workers. Contemporary offices are donning levels of stress and unhappiness greater than ever before. There has never been a more critical time than now for practices of self-care and personal development to take the main stage.

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5 Mindful Practices For The Multitasking Female

A study conducted by Cambridge University found that women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety than men. This is unsurprising when we analyse the trends and modern pressures that women are regularly faced with. As we accelerate at an overwhelming pace into the digital age where we can access everything and everyone through the simple tap of our finger, the social burdens and expectations have never been greater.

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A Firm That Breathes Together Stays Together - staff retention starts at the top

Alarming statistics show that the Australian workforce is in the middle of a depression epidemic. The legal profession is one of the worst affected, resulting in the emergence of a ‘legal depression’. Staff retention rates at law firms remain one of the most challenging HR issues on the table. Droves of lawyers switch firms or leave the profession each year in search of a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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